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Over the years, she perfected her technique with mentors such as Mike Schii, voice coach and specialist in extreme singing in Nashville and friend and colleague Claudia 'Crackthefiresister' Wadlegger, extreme singing teacher in Vienna. Of her research and experience emerged a healthy and safe singing technique to give the voice a brutal egde.

Isanielle Enright proposes a variety of custom programs through various platforms.

After opening the first program of its kind in North America to be endorsed by a Performing Arts School, she now offers consults, personalized coaching and long-term lessons online and in person from her office downtown Montreal, Canada.



Want to go more in depth into the technique?

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Isanielle Enright

Grand daughter of an opera singer, Isanielle Enright was raised in classical music, rock and heavy metal. From the age of 14, she began a classical training at the Nos Voix Nos Visages School of performing Arts. During these early years of training she founded the punk/crossover band Cirkus Radio. When her interest in various techniques met the need to deliver a more aggressive performance on stage, she put together a vocal training program inspired by traditional vocal techniques from her native Canada, Tuvan throat singing, American blues and various techniques from all over the world.

About Isanielle

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